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to go. and i want to also acknowledged representatives from the u.s. department of congress -- department of commerce minority development agency who are here today. and of course the private sector, our most important and valued partner in delivering this project. i think bob is here today. those are the folks that are going to be building the town. there are contractors making a big impact here not just in building things but in incorporating a real commitment to small and local business participation, and doing an extraordinary job that i believe is going to become a paradigmatic example in the rest of the state, because these numbers are not to be ignored. and of course the small businesses themselves, [unintelligible] now let me take a second to a knowledge the chair of the san francisco transportation authority, my current boss, a man who i think it's well within the lineup of visionaries and people with the big picture. ross has been a member of the board of supervisors since 2004. he is on his first term as chair of the authority since january. during that time he ha
-- 250,000 people nationwide hired through this money. close to half are used -- youth, in fact. we started in may. we were one of the first on board. mayor newsom would go to the u.s. conference of mayors, and he would tell the we had this great program. my office kept getting calls. we have been talking to states and localities all over the country and really, due to the mayor's leadership, this 250,000 no. i think is largely attributed to that. robert miller, who is here, one of our early partners with jobs now, well over 150 employees -- 145 employees through jobs now. he will talk about that, but he will talk about this innovative online campaign he has got going to get this thing extended. robert miller. >> i'm director of veterinary archives, and i want to thank mayor newsom for having the fortitude, the foresight, and the temerity to stay with a program for the very beginning -- since the very beginning. he took a chance on main street. we want to take that chance on government. our first higher was in june 2009, and our last was yesterday, the last day before the door close
various title grant applications, most of which the superintendent updated us on earlier. and we heard a short update from susan wong on the ongoing review of board of education policies, and we will be taking that up in the next few sessions of the legislation committee. >> the next is a report from the augmented ad hoc committee on student assignment. commissioner wynns? >> i would like to take this opportunity if i may to read or highlight a lot of the time line of the actual meetings that are listed here in the agenda because the substance of the meeting was that we had the presentation of the draft proposals for the elementary attendance areas and the middle school feeder pattern. you have heard about that, and the point is not to discuss substance, but to highlight feedback. those were just introduced, as well as the transportation policy this evening for a first reading. on september 28, the theory is that we will be voting on those policies, that then by october 13th, that what will be presented to the board of education will be outreach, and on november 8, a monitoring and eva
, and an inspiration to all of us here today. senator barbara boxer. [applause] >> thank you. if i did not have this box, honest to god, i would not be able to see anybody. i have to update that biography. we have been married 48 years, but who is counting? i also have a granddaughter. thank you so much for the introduction. looking at the people on the stage, i think half of you have been in my office, in washington, speaking to me in detail about the need to move forward on high-speed rail and this transbay terminal. here we are, 2017, we are going to see the grand central station of the west. i am so proud of that. [applause] i have to say, as we all focus so hard on creating jobs, this transbay transit center project is, quite simply, a bullet train for job creation. the first phase has 48,000 jobs. 48,000 families will have that security. the entire project will employ 125,000 californians. it is so important in these tough times to get behind projects like these, that are so necessary, and produce so many jobs. and the center will be so much more than a transit hub, as mayor newsom said.
. we are no longer enrolling new employers. for us, we are at the status quo. we have a month left. we're working hard to get our folks ready for the transition. we hope to not have to do that, but we are preparing for pretty bad news. today, final push. the mayor will talk a little bit about the program as well. >> thanks, and thank you all very much for taking the time to be here. i actually just left senator feinstein, who has been a champion of this program. the reference that not to impress but to impress upon you that we need all the friends we can get all the champions we can get to extend this program. 3820 families are being served by this program. these are families, many of which -- close to, in fact, 1000 of these families were on welfare, and now pulled out of welfare and have the dignity of a paycheck and the dignity that comes with a paycheck. when they come back home to feed their family. that is not a rhetorical line. that is not a line just to place some politics. that is quite literal. this program, arguably, is the most successful stimulus program in the united stat
to congratulate everyone who worked so hard to get us here. this took a lot of time, a lot of money, and at the end of the day, what did we prove? that you can delay things, but you cannot and things, so it is in the spirit of that recognition that there was a delay, but there is now a real progress that we are going to see things really take off. i'm really proud of all our team behind me and those that were in the city attorney's office, the planning department, and other agencies. final point, what i think it's also important to note, when we had that partial injunction lifted a number of months back, you saw how quickly you part of public works went to work, the department of traffic went to work. mark my words -- you have seen nothing yet. they are ready to go, full-time commitment, a real energetic effort over the next few years. this is not going to be a big fish start -- fit/start. this is not something we're going to announce and and see people move away to complete other work. we will be doing along the lines of what portland -- i love portland, but i hate that they are ah
services people have come to expect. that is helping us get over this recession on top of giving private-sector jobs. it is saving energy at the same time. it is a great program. we need to keep it coming to the cities. i appreciate the leadership of the u.s. conference of mayors for having this meeting today. >> thank you, mayor schneider. are there any questions from anyone? >> i was just wondering about -- speaking of leveraging grants, clean energy loans. can some of that money come to this program? >> can you repeat that? i did not get all of that. i am sorry. >> we just passed with a lot of fanfare and no follow-up, not because of good intentions but because of fannie and freddie. i was going to use the wrong adjective. [laughter] their unwillingness to be supportive of the program -- they are wrong. this is right. the president is right. congress, by and large, is right. all these mares are ready to go to do what -- all these mares are ready to go to do what the secretary started. the first program was done in berkeley years ago. it is simple. the company is not going to provide e
in connecting us with our merchant associations, and then we also have erica, who is here, who is our representative of the merchant associations that we're going to be walking and meeting with this afternoon. i did get maria. so without further ado -- there are so many people here -- i think part of the efforts that we wanted to really do too -- and lourdes, this is for you and your compadres around the neighborhood, so bring the staff to you, so you know who's part of this. we have our star from tarp, from sfpd, people that actually work directly with our families who are in crisis. so this is an opportunity for you to see who the people are that are touching our students when you let us know that they need to be touched. so this is really an opportunity for all of our merchants to see what we're putting in behind this effort. so without further ado, i want to welcome our superintendent of schools. our first week of school went off without a hitch, thank goodness. and the efforts that he's been doing around truancy and the support he's been giving and receiving to the city to make s
? are the states using the programs and have a lot of people that will benefit from continuing to use them? >> the common currency with all the states is that the color of money is green. the states we're going after are red. mississippi, texas, and states similar to those are read states. we believe that when the true facts are put on the table that people will believe this is a bipartisan issue. we want to keep america working. it is important for us to know that less risk is taken out of our decisions every day a small business owners. this will take a tremendous amount of risk out of our decisions for the next year. >they have used the program. i talked to a woman yesterday it with a delightful mississippi accent. she said this was the most successful program we have ever done. she said they could not spend the money fast enough. that goes to the same thing that trent and mayor newsom were saying. she said she had small business owners clamoring to take people off of the unemployment rolls. it is not left coast or east coast. it is every coast and esstate in between. >> the campaign? >
. that will conclude our moment of silence. colleagues, any other new business before us today? >> yes, i think we should wish mike a happy birthday. commissioner crowley: our secretary, michael house's birthday? 21? happy birthday, michael. >> thank you. commissioner crowley: we do have a notice of canceled meeting. do you want to read that into the record, or do we need to? >> that is true. the regular meeting of tuesday august 24 has been canceled,u the notice has been posted since july 23, so there is an awareness, so our next regular meeting will be the regular meeting of september 14. commissioner crowley: thank you. >> as was mentioned a couple times earlier, we have a lot of environmental review for the planning commission this fall. we may end up under the special sessions. but we do not know the dates yet. you. adjourn. ok, we have moved and seconded. all those in favor to adjourn? >> aye. commissioner crowley: thank yout to welcome you to the newest of the art materials stores. we are very, very excited to open our new facility here in san francisco. we have been here for a while, but t
mentioned. the main issue is up to-control, and to use lead free prices were possible. california law is going to be the lead free version. this will be improving. this is the law that mandated that the level go down, so we were to to get that, and the current legislation right now, instead of this california but a national standard, this is not something at 8%. we also have testing for a nominal fee. we will provide testing for free. so, in summary, we are in compliance with all of the regulatory standards. we believe that this is trying to figure out what the sources are, and arson and, again, this is something we wanted to report to you. a recommendation is that you send a letter to the state department. thank you. danica speaking, you just use regulatory compliance. we have seen arsenic but at very, very low levels. we said we found in a very, very few samples. it is extremely rare, and we are not concerned about it. we have reported in the past, and that is another reason. president crowley: commissioners? commissioner vietor: i do not know if you need a resolution, but i would l
. that is good news for the port. we use our property quite frequently in the filming. i saw the beautiful cities be taken from pier 7 the other day while i was traveling in denver. it's all around the world. that is good news for the city and the port as well. i do have some sad news. our friend john kitto passed away this afternoon. he is a native of san francisco. -- our friend john kitto recently passed away. he is a native of san francisco. he went off to the navy and then off to the family business at fort bragg. eventually, don and his family opened up de thel monte fish company end of the money in business at pier 45. john and his family have been a mainstay of our fish processing business at pier 45. he has been extremely instrumental in being an important part of the fish industry that ultimately got to the pier 45 area so that we could have a viable fish processing industry. he was born in san francisco in 1927. he is been married 59 years to his lovely wife mabel. he is the father of three boys and one girl. his daughter of genejanette helo run the family business in san francisco. ou
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12